Oct 20 2010

“Anti-Samaritan Hotline” will play Los Angeles again as an Official Selection of Shockfest Film Festival on Saturday, November 13th at 11:00pm as part of the “Killer’s Korner” screening of four award-nominated films. The film has been nominated for three awards: the Shocker 2010 Award (Shockfest’s highest award), A. Tad Chamberlain for Best Director, and Laura Lea for Sexiest Shockfest Babe (a brand new award category this year). Miss Lea is also competing in the Miss Shockfest 2010 contest. Tad and Laura will both be in attendance for the screening, the Q&A with the directors of all four films in the “Killer’s Korner” program, the awards ceremony to immediately follow, and the Miss Shockfest contest which will follow the awards ceremony.

From the Shockfest website:

“The Shockfest Film Festival of Hollywood is devoted to giving a platform to short narratives, documentaries, and music videos that are different from the mainstream, films that move audiences (even if it means shaking them up).”

For more information and to purchase advance tickets for the screening (which is expected to sell out), please visit the Shockfest page for the event.

(On a related side note, A. Tad Chamberlain’s band, Ball & Chain, will be playing as part of the festival’s “Opening Nightmare” festivities on Friday, November 12th at 9:00pm.)

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