Art Hsu – Frank the Operator

Art Hsu was born in Flushing, New York and grew up in Queens, New York. His first experience performing was doing stand-up comedy with a classmate at age seven. The routine consisted of telling jokes, but scored major laughs when the two began improvising a straight man/funny man bit halfway through the show. They had no idea what they were doing, but it was fuuuuuuny! When he was twelve, Art choreographed and performed a dance routine to the song “Do You Love Me” – which basically consisted of him jumping and boogeying around, and two eighth grade girls dancing around in the background on both sides of the stage.

Art attended La Salle Military Academy for high school, and Boston College for college. Originally a business major, he took his first structured acting class at the University of Hawaii during a summer session. Upon returning to Boston, he polished off his required credits with theater courses. He then moved to the island of Taiwan to pursue studies of Chinese language and culture, and to work and travel. During this stint overseas, he kept his acting motor running by reading plays and literature, and collaborating with local actors, performers, and singers on various projects. Upon returning to the US and relocating to the West Coast, he studied at the East West Players Theater in Los Angeles, and at Second City.

In 2007, Art played the lead in the short film The State of Sunshine, in which he played a young illegal immigrant struggling to survive with his sister in the Florida panhandle. The film garnered several awards, including a Student Oscar. He took a lighter turn in the breezy romantic comedy Love 10 to 1, before taking on the role of the freaky villain in Crank: High Voltage. Art’s next project is the outrageous comedy The FP, which has the potential to be groundbreaking.