Michael Q. Schmidt – slave jim


“In the late 90s, I made and lost a ‘sure-thing’ bet and as a result had to model naked for a local art class at Fullerton Community College. It seemed that I had a natural talent (pun intended), and art instructors were so pleased that they passed my name to their peers. Within some few a few months I was being asked to pose in my birthday suit all over the Southland. Me… being paid to stand around naked. What a world!

“In January of 2000 artist Karl Gnass, who was at the time acting as consultant for a special film project at Sony Imageworks Studios, of Culver City, California, gave me a call. He had gotten my number from the model office at Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design after he had made inquiries of them in a search for a very specific type of model: one with some certain physical traits, as well as an outgoing character and a good imagination. We spoke… he saw my web site and hired me immediately. I was invited to work with the Sony CGI animators so they could use my body and my poses to create the character of the Mountain Troll for the then in-production Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The troll holding Harry by the foot was based on a pose where I was holding a stuffed toy monkey and swinging at it with a yardstick. The troll shaking Harry off of his shoulders was me giving a ‘piggy-back’ ride to that toy stuffed monkey.

“Seeing the looming figure on the big screen gave me the revelation that I could use what God gave me to share of myself to entertain or amuse others. Art modeling had gave me the confidence to be just myself, even without a stitch on… making my move to film and television as easy as falling off a log. I have since become the ‘go-to’ guy for any project needing a totally unabashed male, and have proudly shared my skin for many films and popular television programs.”